Instagram and Business Accounts


Social media is vast networking system to expand business or to start business. When social media started, with Six degrees it was founded by Andrew Weinreich launched in 1997. In 2003 business started using social media, they used LinkedIn as away to promote their business. “Small business owners can take advantage of the popularity of mobile devices by adapting with digital and social media marketing” (How to. take advantage of social media. 2017). This means that even small business can use social media to their advantage in-order to promote their products to consumers. With, this article will be focusing on how business use Instagram at their workplace and the advantages that it has.


The purpose of this report is to inform, about the background of Instagram, how business and Instagram go hand in hand, and the benefits of having business Instagram account. It will be discussing about linking Instagram to other social media can be beneficial, easy its for people to contact you, and promoting business through Instagram ads. This article will

Background of Instagram:

Instagram was invented by Kevin Systrom and his team helper Krieger. When Systrom was working, on learning how to code he created a prototype app. The app was called Burbn, this app allowed people to know where they are on their phone. When he showed the app to at a meeting, he quit his job and decided to find his own team. That is when Mike Krieger agreed to join, together they created an app where the communication was through images, commenting, and liking photos. They renamed as Instagram, which refers to instant telegram. On October 6th,2010 Instagram was launch and in 2012 Facebook bought it. (Eudaimonia. 2017, January 26)

Business and Instagram:

Before an entrepreneur or business company starts to promote their products. They should take into considerations on who their consumers, how are they going to promote their product, how often should they advertise the product, who they should be following, how much is it going to be advertising, are there any well known influencers ready promote the product. Just like how they would be promoting the products on other social media or the internet in general. Something that is different about promoting products on Instagram, is that an entrepreneur or a business company can create an account just about their products. There is also a business Instagram website which has a lot information about having a business Instagram account. When on the website, there is a mini list on the top it shows getting started, advertising, success stories, tips, blog, and partners. This list expands which gives out more information (Instagram Business).

Benefits of Instagram business

Linking Instagram to other social media:

          By linking your account to other social media like Facebook, YouTube, and other social media. Doing this, the entrepreneur or business company will be promoting their business. Which leads to more people knowing and buying the product(s). Figure 1 shows the growth of Instagram users for the next five years (Instagram Users and Growth in North America, July 1,2019). This is beneficial for entrepreneurs as well as business companies looking to promote their products for Instagram users.

Contacting through Instagram

          Instagram makes it easy for consumer to be contacting business owners. On the business home page, the company or the entrepreneur can leave their contact info. On this portion they put their website, business number, address, etc. On top of this the consumer can directly message the business owner about questions that they may have.

Promoting with Ads:

          Promoting products through Instagram ads, can have a huge impact on the entrepreneur or business company about the product that they are selling. “About 60% of Instagram users claim to discover new products via other profiles” (20 Instagram Marketing Statistics 2019, Nov 30,2019). This information was backed by Instagram business, on Why Instagram. This quote is an example of how an Instagram business can grow. Also, the ads don’t have to link up to the business Instagram home page, it can be linked up to the main business site where they find more products. The ads can appear in people’s stories.


          In conclusion, creating an Instagram business account has many benefits such as linking it to other social media, contacting and connecting with business owners or consumers is very easy, and it’s a great platform to promoting business products through ads. Other than these three points there are more benefits to having a business account on Instagram. Majority of business companies and entrepreneur choose Instagram because its overall an easy platform to be communicating with people, and a very inspirational social media.


            According to the search that I have done, having an Instagram business account will make you have connections with other companies allowing businesses to expand with each other. There can be many benefits to having a business Instagram. Instagram allows you to be contacting other business owners, have direct conversations with consumers that may have questions regarding what your trying to sell, and expanding the business through ads. Also, Figure 1 shows the growth of users that will using Instagram. Having knowledge of this is very important because it allows for entrepreneurs or business companies to focus on what to advertise, what their product should be. Overall it gives them a general perspective on how to promote, attract their main consumers, and to connect with the costumers as well other business owners. Therefore having an Instagram business is very beneficial.


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Figure 1 Instagram Users and Growth in North America


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